Turn Off the Television and Watch Those Pounds Melt Away!

Television is the most popular form of entertainment in the U.S.A. Every night, millions of viewers tune in to catch an episode of their favorite drama, game show or sitcom. And America’s love affair with television shows no signs of abating in the short term. The screens are getting larger, reality shows multiply, and television has quickly become the main source of information for the average American.

But television also has its downside. It has been linked to reading problems in children, attention deficit disorder, and crime. It has been called the ultimate waste of time, a blinking box of little aesthetic or literary value. Now some research suggests that television can also cause weight gain in children.
A study conducted at Stanford University a few years ago showed that children who reduced the amount of time spent watching television were thinner than those who did not limit television viewing time. Taking into account the fact that obesity among young people is increasing this is a public health problem. It has been shown that overweight children are at greater risk of heart disease and hypertension. Therefore, anything that promotes weight gain should be removed from the lives of children and television certainly falls into that category.

It is estimated that the average American watches four hours of television a day, a lot, by any measure. Dependence of children on TV can be hard to break, given the fact that television is such an important part of American culture.

There are other reasons why television may promote obesity. Children’s programming is filled with ads promoting sugary cereals and candy. It has been shown that children are heavily influenced by television advertising, therefore, are much more likely to enjoy sweets after watching TV on a Saturday morning. Since freedom of expression makes it difficult to prohibit ads with unhealthy foods, it is for parents to monitor what their children watch on television.

Another reason that television is linked to obesity is that it promotes inactivity. Many people watch television while resting on a couch, bed or futon. You burn very few calories in the prone position.

But how can we fight effectively against television? Some families have actually gotten rid of their television sets. If you’re not ready to take that drastic step, you might consider limiting the time family viewing to one hour each day. Another idea is to carry out a “no TV” night. That night you should encourage kids to play sports, games and other activities.

It is true that television can not take all the blame for childhood obesity. xiaomi mi tv 5x However, medical research has proven it to be a contributing factor. There is also evidence that excessive computer use can also contribute to weight gain. In fact, this could be the major health problem in the future, since many children are doing their research online

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